Traffic Blocked on Road 1 between Hanoi and Dong Dang (Lang Son) on 2March2019

Traffic (both ways) is halted on Road 1 between Hanoi and Dong Dang (Lang Son) on 2March2019 from 01:00 hour to 17:00 hours (Vietnam's time). This is to ensure security for North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-Un who concludes his trip to Vietnam for US-North Korea Summit and for his offical visit to Vietnam.

Cambodia Prohibits Eating in the Area of Angkor Wat Temple

Cambodia bans people (tourists and locals) from eating and partying in the area of the Angkor Wat Temple and on the lawns around this famed temple. Vendors are prohibited from renting out mats or hammocks to the visitors on these lawns, too. All these acts are considered to have negative impacts on this World Heritate Site as well as the environtment around it.

Adventure Travel Officially Recognized in Da Lat

By May J.

10 local tour operators and travel agents were licensed to operate adventure tours by The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong Province on 20July2017. This is the first time that adventure travel has been officially recognized by the authority.

Boats cruises halted on Halong Bay 1-August-2019

Halong Bay Authority has stopped granting permits to boats and overnight cruise junks to make tours on the bay from 10 A.M on 1-August-2019 due to the expected strike of the Wipha Typoon (No.3 Typhoon in the East Sea of Vietnam in 2019).

Speedboats for Soc Trang and Con Dao Island

By Thu Huong.

From 14July2017 Superdong started operating speedboat trips between Soc Trang and Con Dao Island. The boat departs Soc Trang everyday at the Port of the Police Border of Tran De District (Soc Trang Province) at 0800 A.M and arrives at Ben Dam Port on Con Dao Island after 150 minutes. The return trip starts from Con Dao at 13:00.

Laos’ Plain of Jars Becomes UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Plain of Jars of Laos has been inscribed to the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in July 2019. There had been much mystery around these jars and it is mostly believed now that they are for funerary practices in the Iron Age from 500BCE to 800CE.

Ho Chi Minh City Offers Waterway Tours

By Thu Huong. 4June2013 The opening ceremony for tours around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) by speedboat is hosted at Thu Thiem Pier. The city is crisscrossed by a system of rivers and canals, but there had been no tours of the city by waterways earlier. The current fleet includes 10 speedboats with capacity carrying 6-40 passengers.

Myamar Bans Tourists from Climbing the Bagan Temples

Myanmar has tightened measures to prohibit tourists from climbing the Temples of Bagan which have been inscribed to the World Heritage List by the UNESCO in July 2019. These are parts of the commitments of Myanmar to the UNESCO to have the Bagan Temples in the World Heritage List.

Travelers To Be Permitted Bringing Motorbike or Car into Vietnam

By Thu Huong.

Vietnam Ministry of Transport has completed the draft Decree for the Administration of Vehicles brought into Vietnam by foreign visitors on tourism purposes. According to the draft, foreign travelers to Vietnam could bring foreign vehicles into Vietnam on tourism purposes for a period not exceeding 30 days. In the case of extension, then the extended period shall not exceed 10 days. The Draft Decree allows cars of 9-Seater or smaller size with steering wheel to the left, and motorbikes only. The travelers are to travel in Vietnam in group with travel itinerary arranged by Vietnamese travel agents or Vietnam-based tour operators.

Cruises Halted on Halong Bay and Quang Ninh 3-July-2019

3-July-2019 Overnight cruises on Halong Bay are halted. Day-cruises are allowed till 11:00 A.M. Typhoon Mun is forecast to make landfall in Hai Phong in the early morning of 4-July-2019.

Worship Of Hung Kings Listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage

By Thu Huong.

6Dec2012 at a Paris Conference, the UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) officially agreed on the inscription of the Worship of Hung Kings in Vietnam to the Representative  List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Hung Kings Temple Vietnam
Worship at Hung Kings Temple Vietnam