Myamar Bans Tourists from Climbing the Bagan Temples

Myanmar has tightened measures to prohibit tourists from climbing the Temples of Bagan which have been inscribed to the World Heritage List by the UNESCO in July 2019. These are parts of the commitments of Myanmar to the UNESCO to have the Bagan Temples in the World Heritage List.

Earlier Myanmar had had such a ban which had not been implemented seriously due to fear of losing visitors. Now more security guards are deployed to ensure its strict implementation.

The Temples of Bagan include 3,500 temples by the Mekong River which were built from 11-13th centuries. These temples survive the test of time mostly. The only and the most damage during the history of these temples was caused by an earthquake in 2016 which destroyed 200 temples.

All visitors to the Bagan Temples wish to climb to a high point to take photos of the amazing temples which litter the Bagan Plain.