Vietnam Airlines Halts All International Flights March 2020

Due to spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and closure of borders by different countries, Vietnam Airlines halts all its international flights till April 30, 2020.

Vietnam Airlines Flies Ho Chi Minh City - Bali

In the initial phase from 18-September-2019 through the end of March-2020, the air firm plans to operate 5 return flights per week due to limited capacity of the Denpasar Airport (Bali): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. After this period, the firm is to plan for 7 flights per week. The flight times are 11:10 A.M from Ho Chi Minh City and 16:50 from Bali.

Phu Quoc Flights Halted 9-August-2019

9-August-2019 Due to bad weather and flooded runway that Phu Quoc Airport flights were halted from 09:00 A.M to 20:30. The airport has resumed its normal operation after 20:30.

Vietnam Airlines halts flights Vietnam-South Korea from 5March2020

Vietnam Airlines halts all flights between Vietnam and South Korea from 5-March-2020. This is to help fight the transmission of the coronavirus disease. South Korea has seen increasing cases infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Vietnam has had all 16 coronavirus-infected cases fully recovered and released from the hospital by far. The Vietnamese authorities have strict restrictions on travel to and from infected countries and destinations.

Hai Phong and Van Don flights canceled due to Typhoon Waphi

Due to Typhoon Waphi that flights to/from the Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong and the Van Don Airport in Quang Ninh (Halong Bay) are canceled on 2nd and 3rd August, 2019. Air carriers have increased the flights to/from the Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi to meet the increasing demands.

Vietnam Airlines Flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Bali

Vietnam Airlines has started its flights between Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Bali (Indonesia). The flights depart Vietnam at 11:10 A.M and depart Indonesia at 16:50. The flights are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. This is the second direct flight between Vietnam and Indonesia, the first one is between Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta. All flights are with Airbus 321 aircrafts.

Cambodia Angkor Air to fly Phnom Penh - Da Nang

Cambodia Angkor Air is to fly Phnom Penh - Da Nang from late October, 2019. There are 5 flights per week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The air firm is to fly daily from January 2020. The flight time for Phnom Penh - Da Nang is 13:30-14:50 and the return flight time is 1540-1700. Currently, Cambodia Angkor Air also flies Siem Reap - Ho Chi Minh and Siem Reap - Da Nang.

Free Admission to Yen Tu and Halong Bay

In support of more flights to the Van Don Airport in Quang Ninh Province (Vietnam) and according to news from Quang Ninh Tourism Department that passengers on a flight to the Van Don Airport are to benefit from:

Vietnam Airlines Flight Ho Chi Minh City - Phuket

In the later half of September 2019 Vietnam Airlines has started flights between Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Phuket (Thailand) with 3 return flights per week. The flights depart Ho Chi Minh City at 15:50 and Phuket at 18:40 on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. The air firm is to plan for 7 return flights per week after March, 2020.

Flights to/from Da Nang in Vietnam

Da Nang is the biggest city in the Central Coast of Vietnam, famed for tens of kilometers of white sandy beaches. The flights to and from Da Nang are as follows: