Vietnamese Tet Holiday 2018

By Thu Huong.

The Vietnamese follow two calendars: Gregorian and Lunar Calendars. While Gregorian Calendar is for official work, the Lunar Calendar is mostly for traditions, spiritual life and events, and for agricultural work. Gregorian Calendar has 365-366 days per year, the Lunar Calendar has only 355-356 days per year. Every year, the Vietnamese enjoy two New Year Celebrations; the Lunar New Year is called Tet. Tet dates vary from one year to another, but normally in January or February.

The Do Temple Festival

Do Temple Festival is held every year on the 15th of the third lunar month to commemorate the coronation of King Ly Thai To (Ly Cong Uan), considered one of the most visionary leaders throughout the history of Vietnam. Ly Thai Do was among the first kings of the country to pave the firm foundation for what is Vietnam nowadays. Though, the Do Temple Festival is not a public holiday in Vietnam, but it attracts a large number of visitors from all over the country and it requires the participants of thousands of locals in the ceremonies.

Do Temple - Bac Ninh - Vietnam
Do Temple - Bac Ninh - Vietnam