How to travel from Hanoi to Cao Bang

Cao Bang is famed for scenic natural landscape with waterfall and sublime mountains. Cao Bang was the site of famous battles during the war against the French colonialists. The province is situated in the Northeast of Vietnam. The provincial capital city is Cao Bang City, 280km northeast of Hanoi. Route 3 from Hanoi to Cao Bang is in great conditions. Alternatively, you can travel past Lang Son City then follow the historical Route 4C to Cao Bang, the total length of this route is 300km.

 By private car: It is convenient to travel by private car. The trip from Hanoi to Cao Bang takes 7 hours via Route 3 and the trip via Lang Son takes 7-8 hours.

By local bus: There are many buses from Hanoi to Cao Bang departing at My Dinh Bus Station. The bus trip is 7 hours. The one-way ticket costs 200,000VND.

The Bang Giang River, Cao Bang City, Vietnam
The Bang Giang River, Cao Bang City, Vietnam

By motorbike: It is a lovely experience to travel to Cao Bang from Hanoi by motorbike. You can travel to Cao Bang one way and travel back to Hanoi the other way. Most adventurers would choose to stay a night at Ba Be National Park before continuing the journey onto Cao Bang; and spend a night at Lang Son City before traveling back to Hanoi.

By bicycle: The trip to Cao Bang from Hanoi can be done by bicycle. There are several gradients which are not too steep and you can mostly continue on your bike. Because of the long distance you have to spend a night somewhere in between the two cities though.