Tour to Bac Son (Lang Son) – Cao Bang – Bac Kan

It was autumn in northern Vietnam and for a few days recently it had been wet. The northeasterly monsoon blew again making daily temperatures much lower in Hanoi. In the mountains, it must have been chilly and cold now. Work had been busy and I was desperate for a short break. It was no fun traveling in so wet weather anyway.

Mu Cang Chai Tour: Vietnam Adventure amid Rice Terraces

It had been autumn in North Vietnam for a while and I had been pinned down by piles of work. It was about the end of September that I could escape from the office for a few days. Northern Vietnam had enjoyed an autumn among the most beautiful in my life. A spell of winter monsoon earlier than usual had made the temperatures much more pleasant. Everyday it was breezy and pleasant sunshine. It was a perfect combination for an escape holiday from Hanoi.

Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Tram Tau in Yen Bai

It had been lovely weather in Hanoi for some time, but I could feel the temperatures tended to get warmer day by day. It was coming towards the end of a wonderful spring anyway. News of early rains in the mountains reminded me that I had better hurry, else the most wonderful moments of the year were passing!

Ha Giang - Land of Adventures

Ha Giang Province is located to the far-north of Vietnam. The capital of the province is Ha Giang City, 320km north of Hanoi. Ha Giang has mountainous terrains and is ideal for the travellers who seek thrilling adventure travel experiences.

Myanmar Adventure Holiday

Myanmar with its shiny Buddhist monuments, untouched culture and undiscovered natural landscapes is the dream destination for the adventure travellers.

Travel The North West of Vietnam by Motorbike

The North-West of Vietnam with wild mountain peaks, with colorful hill tribes, with stunning rice terraces, with challenging roads offers great adventures by motorcycle to the thrill-seeking travellers.