How to travel from Hanoi to Hoa Binh

Hoa Binh Province is home to the last stretches of mountains and forests in the Northwest before they reach the Red River Delta. The land is home to a profusion of ethnic groups like the Muong, Thai, Hmong, Dao, Kinh,… The provincial capital is Hoa Binh City, 76km southwest of Hanoi. Below you can find the available means of transportation between Hanoi and Hoa Binh City.

 By private car: You can easily day-trip to Hoa Binh City by car from Hanoi. The trip takes a full day for visiting the villages on the Da River and half a day for visiting villages on the outskirt of Hoa Binh City. The one-way road trip by car takes less than 2 hours.

By local bus: There are several local buses from Hanoi to Hoa Binh from the bus stations: My Dinh, Yen Nghia. The ticket cost is 60,000-100.000VND/one-way ticket. All buses have air-conditioning nowadays. A bus trip should take about 2-3 hours to get to Hoa Binh City from Hanoi.

Mountains in Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Mountains in Hoa Binh, Vietnam

By motorbike: The road by motorbike from Hanoi to Hoa Binh is normally Route 6 which is fairly good and not too busy outside the city. The road from the center of Hanoi to Ha Dong Town is extremely busy during rush hours. The motorbike trip should take about 2-3 hours one-way. The landscape is nice as you get close to Hoa Binh City.

Alternatively, you can travel to Son Tay Town and follow Route414 to Ba Trai (Ba Vi District, Hanoi), crossing the Dong Quan River and travel southwards on the west bank of the Da River. This route is 110km with good road and lovely scenery with river and mountains all along the way.

By bicycle: You can travel to Hoa Binh by bicycle but the trip may take almost a whole day. Most gradients on the way are not that steep that you have to get off your bike. If you travel via Route 6, then the scenery near Hoa Binh City is pretty impressive.