Battle of Ia Drang Valley

The Battle of Ia Drang in November 1965 was the first major encounter between the People Army of North Vietnam (PAVN or North Vietnamese Army – NVA) and the US Army during the Vietnam War.

The Battle of Nui Thanh 1965

On March 8th, 1965 the fist US combat troops arrived in Da Nang and Vung Tau South Vietnam. In Da Nang, it was the 3rd Battalions of the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB). The ground deployment of US combat troops in South Vietnam heralded their direct engagements in the battlefields and their leading role in major military operations. The role of the troops of South Vietnam Republic turned to mostly pacification operations in the countryside.

Battle of Hoa Binh 1951-1952: Battle of Hill 600

The Context of the battle
In an effort to block Viet Minh’s movements between the mountainous Northwest and the Red River Delta, the French deployed its forces in Hoa Binh in 1951. The Viet Minh commanders found this a great opportunity for causing high casualties to the French. Both sides chose Hoa Binh as the battlefield for their military operations in the dry season of 1951-1952 which is known as the Battle of Hoa Binh or the Hoa Binh Campaign by the Viet Minh.

Dien Bien Phu Battle

Dien Bien Phu is the name of the capital city of Dien Bien Province in the far Northwest of Vietnam. Dien Bien Phu is the name of a decisive battle which led to the departure of the French colonialists from the land once called Indochina. In our guide, you can learn more about the Dien Bien Phu City as well as the Dien Bien Phu Battle which helped to change the course of the world’s history.

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Luxury Travel in Hue - Vietnam

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Luxury Travel in Ninh Binh - Vietnam

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Luxury Travel in Sapa - Vietnam

A guide to the best of luxury travel in Sapa Vietnam from the high-end luxury hotels on the brim of the Muong Hoa Valley to the hidden ecolodges with rustic luxury amid the sublime nature of this mountain town.

Luxury Travel in Halong Bay - Vietnam

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Tour to Bac Son (Lang Son) – Cao Bang – Bac Kan

It was autumn in northern Vietnam and for a few days recently it had been wet. The northeasterly monsoon blew again making daily temperatures much lower in Hanoi. In the mountains, it must have been chilly and cold now. Work had been busy and I was desperate for a short break. It was no fun traveling in so wet weather anyway.

Mu Cang Chai Tour: Vietnam Adventure amid Rice Terraces

It had been autumn in North Vietnam for a while and I had been pinned down by piles of work. It was about the end of September that I could escape from the office for a few days. Northern Vietnam had enjoyed an autumn among the most beautiful in my life. A spell of winter monsoon earlier than usual had made the temperatures much more pleasant. Everyday it was breezy and pleasant sunshine. It was a perfect combination for an escape holiday from Hanoi.