Worship Of Hung Kings Listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage

By Thu Huong.

6Dec2012 at a Paris Conference, the UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) officially agreed on the inscription of the Worship of Hung Kings in Vietnam to the Representative  List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Hung Kings Temple Vietnam
Worship at Hung Kings Temple Vietnam

 Hung Kings were the founder kings of Vietnam, who started the first Viet-identity Kingdoms. The Worship of Hung Kings were started in the ancient time and is still practiced nowadays by the people of Phu Tho Province, in northern Vietnam. The worship rituals are conducted mostly during the Death Anniversary of Hung Kings on the 15th of the Third Lunar Month which is also a big festival in Phu Tho Province and public holiday in Vietnam.

Hung Kings Temple Vietnam

The Worship of Hung Kings is believed to be part of ancestors worship in Vietnam, paying respect to the ancestors who are the roots every Viet individual. The worship has helped preserving the Viet Identity through the vicissitudes of the People, overcoming all the adversaries during the thousands of years of history.

In 2011, Xoan Singing of Phu Tho Province had also been inscribed to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.

Hung Kings Temple VietnamHung Kings Temple