VietJetAir Begins Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang Flights

By Tieu Quy.

27April2012 VietjetAir, a low-cost air carrier in Vietnam, started flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang (in the Central Region of Vietnam). All flights on this route are with Airbus A320 with 180 seats. Initially, the air firm plans two return flights per day for these two cities. VietjetAir is planning to begin flights between Hanoi and Nha Trang from 19May2012.

VietJetAir Flights Vietnam

VietJetAir is a newly-founded private air firm in Vietnam starting its first flights in the country between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in December 2011. Currently, the air carrier operates eight return flights per day between the two biggest hubs of Vietnam.

VietJetAir started its service at the time that over 90% of the air travel market in Vietnam belongs to Vietnam Airlines, a state-owned airline, who has recently taken over Pacific Airlines and who keeps hiking airfare constantly. With the new privately-owned airlines, the air travellers in Vietnam are to benefit more from flights with affordable costs.