Vietnam Weather on 10-April-2019

10-April-2019 The heat spell continues in the Northwest of Vietnam, the western side of the Central Region of Vietnam and South Vietnam. Highest temperatures recorded are 38.2oC at Yen Chau (Son La), 40.7oC at Tuong Duong Nghe An, 38.3oC at Quy Hop (Nghe An).

Vietnam Weather on 9-April-2019

09-April-2019 Intense heat strikes western side of Vietnam and South Vietnam. The hot air masses to the west of Vietnam and southeasterly wind are making the foehn effect to most of western side of Vietnam, the Central Region and South of Vietnam. The provinces which suffer most heat are Son La, Dien Bien, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh and all of the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam Weather on 8-April-2019

08-April-2019 The shines all over Vietnam and the temperatures are building up everywhere. The foehn wind with high temperatures in the regions of northwest and west of Vietnam tends to gain effects southeastwards. Hot temperatures (36-380C) are expected all over the Central Region, Saigon and the Mekong Delta, and the region to the northwest of Saigon in the coming days.

Vietnam Weather on 7-April-2019

07-April-2019 The whole country enjoys sunshine with temperatures building up slightly. The temperatures are above 35oC in Quang Binh and the provinces to the northwest of Saigon.

Vietnam Weather on 6-April-2019

06-April-2019 Moist and cloudy still but getting to be cheery. Hail is found in the border region of Ky Son, Nghe An, north of the Central Region of Vietnam.

Vietnam Weather on 5-April-2019

05-April-2019 Today is the start of Thanh Minh weather pattern in northern Vietnam which indicates the end of the moist weather. Thanh Minh is characterized by dry and bright days.

Vietnam Weather on 4-April-2019

04-April-2019 Torrential rains all over northern Vietnam which is not seasonal. The Central Regions (including the Central Highlands) and South of Vietnam have a mostly sunny pleasant day. Recent rains in the South has helped to make the temperatures much more tolerable.

Vietnam Weather on 3-April-2019

03-April-2019 The cool northeasterly wind has weakened and the foehn wind on high altitude is gaining more influence in the east of Vietnam; rains around found in certain regions in the North. Temperatures are building up in the North and it is a little moist in northern Vietnam. Hail in Moc Chau damaging agricultural produce in the plateau.

New Spell of Northeasterly Wind in North Vietnam 31March2019

31-March-2019 A cool air mass is moving southwards and is expected to have influence in the Northeast of Vietnam from this afternoon. The cool air mass is to have influence in the other provinces in the North and North of the Central Region of Vietnam from this evening and tomorrow morning. Rains are expected in the affected regions.

New Spell of Northeasterly Wind in North Vietnam 22March2019

A cold air mass is moving southwards and is expected to blow through the Northeastern mountains of Vietnam late on 22March2019. The cold wind is to start having its effects on the other regions in northern Vietnam and North of the Central Region of Vietnam on 23March2019. The cold wind meeting with the hot air in the Northwest of Vietnam is expected to cause minor t-storm in the region.

New Spell of Northeasterly Wind in North Vietnam 14March2019

14March2019 A mass of northeasterly wind is moving southwards which is expected to have impacts in northern Vietnam from late 14March2019. Rains are expected in the nothern provinces as the wind blows through.