Phu Quoc International Airport To Be Open

By Thu Huong.

The new international airport on Phu Quoc Island in southern Vietnam is to be open in December 2012. Construction work started in November 2008 and completed in December 2012 with a runway of 3,000m in length and 45m in width. The second runway of 3000mx25m is to be constructed in 2020.


Phu Quoc International Airport is able to accommodate big aircrafts such as Boeing 777, 747... for medium and long haul flights from northern Vietnam and from other countries. Phu Quoc Island possesses dense forests and white sand beaches. There are a number of luxury hotels and resorts springing up around the island since 2007. Phu Quoc Island is a special economic zone of Vietnam and is a popular destinations for both Vietnamese tourists as well as foreign travelers.