Vietnam Airlines Flights Busan (South Korea) - Da Nang (Vietnam)

Vietnam Airlines started direct flights between Busan (South Korea) and Da Nang (Vietnam) from 21-July-2019. Flights are operatored with Airbus 321 and the flight time is 4 hours.

 The flights are aimed to boost tourism in the Central Coast of Vietnam which has been extremely popular for South Korean tourists. Vietnam Airlines also operates direct flights between Busan - Ho Chi Minh City and Busan - Hanoi.

There are 2 return flights per week:

Tuesday: Depart Busan at 07:30 A.M and departs Da Nang at 00:20 A.M (Local times);

Saturday: Depart Busan at 08:00 A.M and departs Da Nang at 00:50 A.M (Local times).