VietJetAir Begins Ho Chi Minh City - Vinh Flights

By Thu Huong.

On 05Nov2012, VietJetAir officially started its first direct flights between Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Vinh City (Nghe An Province, in the Central Region of Vietnam). The air firm operates one daily flights between these two cities using Airbus 320 aircrafts with 180 seats. The flight from Ho Chi Minh City departs Tan Son Nhat Airport at 10:35 A.M and arrives at Vinh at 12:20 P.M. The return flight from Vinh City departs at 13:05.

Vietjetair flights

 The new flights are to meet the high demands for air travel between these two cities, especially during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet). Most passengers who take these flights are originally from Nghe An and Ha Tinh Provinces, they live and work in southern Vietnam, and return home every now and then. Some passengers are tourists from southern Vietnam traveling to different tourist attractions in the province including Ho Chi Minh's home village, Cua Lo Beach, Thien Cam Beach...There are also tourists from Nghe An and Ha Tinh Provinces visiting southern Vietnam or taking connecting flights for their overseas trips. Earlier, there was only one airline operating flights between these two cities and tickets are normally booked out.