Sticky Rice - Vietnamese Cuisine

At Vietnamese families, sticky rice (glutinous rice, Com Nep or Xoi) is often cooked more on formal occasions or cooked to make votive food for spiritual offerings. But sticky rice can be found at restaurants in big cities for people to have breakfast daily. While you can have sticky rice for lunch and dinner but most Vietnamese don’t normally do it. Sticky rice is more nutritious and heavier food than normal rice that quite a few can not eat it that much and can not eat often.

Fried Rice - Vietnamese Food

Fried rice is more often served in restaurants than at home but families may have fried rice at breakfast which is cooked from the leftover steamed rice of the previous dinner.

Vietnamese Tea

Traditionally tea was once the most popular non-alcoholic drink in Vietnam, be it daily drink or at important occasions. Nowadays, quite a few youths switch to drinking coffee instead of tea, but tea remains the drink at important events like family meetings, weddings, funerals,...

Vietnamese Beer

There are some big brewing companies with brand famed in Vietnam and several microbreweries in all over the country.

Vietnamese Rice Wine

Vietnamese popular alcoholic drink is rice wine which tastes horrible to most Westerners and which almost certainly guarantees a hangover after consumtion.

Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee is said to have been introduced into Vietnam by French missionaries in the 19th century. Since then it has been a popular drink for an increasing portion of the Vietnamese population.