Steamed Rice - Vietnamese Food

The wet rice civilization is known to have begun in Vietnam for thousands of years ago and rice has since been the staple food in the Vietnamese diet. In Vietnam to have a meal means mostly to eat rice with something else. Steamed rice is the foundation of the Vietnamese meals.

Vietnamese Drinks

Traditionally the Vietnamese would drink more tea. With the introduction of coffee to the Central Highlands of Vietnam by the French, people in the Central Region and South of Vietnam would drink more coffee than tea while the Northerners would drink more tea.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Geographically the Vietnamese refer to their country as 3 regions: the North, the Central Region and the South. The Viet people in each of the 3 regions of Vietnam have a distinct version of the Vietnamese food. Say, food in the North tends to be fresh with steamed and boiled dishes; food in the Central Region tends to be spicy and food in the South tends to be sweet.