Bamboo Shoots - Vietnamese Food

Bamboo shoots can be cooked into different dishes with lovely tastes. Bamboo shoots are widely available in Vietnam but the best quality can only be obtained in markets in the mountains.

Banh Cuon (Fresh Rice Paper Roll) - Vietnamese Food

Banh Cuon (Fresh Rice Paper Roll) is made from rice batter. The cook will pour rice batter on a smooth flat membrane which is put on top of a boiler. The steam heated from underneath will cook the batter and a thin rice paper is formed. The rice paper then is used for wrapping fillings composed of stir-fried minced pork and chopped woodear. There you have a Banh Cuon.

Broth - Vietnamese Food

Broths are widely used in the Vietnamese daily meals. In northern Vietnam, some broths are available all year round while some are seasonal; summer broths help the body to cope with the heat while winter broths help to cope with the cold.

Com (Dry Fried Unripe Sticky Rice) - Vietnamese Food

Com (Dry Fried Unripe Sticky Rice) is a special dish in northern Vietnam and it is available only in autumn. During this time, it is chilly air and Com is served in lotus leaves. Com should be accompanied by ripe banana.

Dried Meat - Vietnamese Food

Dried meat includes smoked pork and beef. The dish is more popular among ethnic people living in the mountains. The process of making dried meat is long and complicated which requires carefully selected materials and good experience.