Ha Giang Weather, Best time to visit

Ha Giang Province has a tropical monsoon climate: summer from May through July, autumn from late August through October, winter from November through February, spring from February through April.

Mountains at Quan Ba, Ha Giang, VietnamGeographically, Ha Giang is sandwiched between the Northeast and Northwest of Vietnam and it has higher averaged temperatures than the rest of the Northeast but has lower averaged temperatures than the Northwest and the lowlands of northern Vietnam. It may (but not normal) get up to 40oC in Ha Giang in the summer and the temperatures may drop to 2oC in the winter. In high mountains and Dong Van Plateau, the temperatures may drop below freezing point.

It rains a lot in Ha Giang in the summer due to the high mountains which help to accumulate moist clouds which come from the sea and carried inland by the southeasterly wind – the dominant summer monsoon in northern Vietnam. The averaged annual rainfall of Ha Giang is 2,300-2,400mm per annum but that of Bac Quang District is 4,000mm per annum which is among the biggest in Vietnam. Ha Giang has high humidity in the summer.

From June through October, Ha Giang may be affected by tropical depressions or typhoons. Summer rains in Ha Giang may be torrential and it is worse when the rains come at the time of a tropical depression or a typhoon. Long-lasting torrential rains often cause flash floods, landslides, rock slides, road blocked…

Due to dissected terrains of high mountains and deep ravines in several areas of Ha Giang that heavy long-lasting rains bring along disastrous consequences. Fatal accidents occur often in Ha Giang Province, especially in the districts: Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man, Bac Quang, Vi Xuyen, Quan Ba and Ha Giang City. Traveling in Ha Giang in the summer it is advisable to exercise caution and watch daily weather forecasts closely.

Ha Giang’s weather by month
- January: Relatively dry, light rains, 7-20oC
- February: cold and relatively dry, possible light rains, 9-25oC
- March: mostly cold and dry, 10-29oC
- April: mostly dry, some possible rains, 16-33oC
- May: Rains and thunderstorms often, expect landslides and flash floods, 17-33oC mostly, sometimes 26-40oC.
- June
- July
- August
- September
- October
- November
- December

The best time for nice weather to visit Ha Giang
The best time for nice weather to travel to Ha Giang is during the dry season from December through April. It is cold during this time and there are days that it gets foggy. Expect some lovely sunny days in January-April. Coming towards to end of the dry season, the Dong Van Plateau has sheer gray colors which look quite unique.

During the rainy season from May through October, it rains quite a lot which may cause flash floods or landslides and which may cause the traffic on many roads to be blocked. But if you plan a photography tour to Hoang Su Phi, then you’ll have to come here during the rainy season. The rice season is from late May to mid October.