Ha Giang - Land of Adventures

Ha Giang Province is located to the far-north of Vietnam. The capital of the province is Ha Giang City, 320km north of Hanoi. Ha Giang has mountainous terrains and is ideal for the travellers who seek adventure travel experiences.

 From Hanoi to Ha Giang City, the roads are hilly and in good conditions. The trip takes full day by car or by motorbike.

From Bac Ha, there is a small road to Ha Giang that can only accommodate travellers on motorbike or on foot. Some adventure travellers can go on trekking tours for three or four days from Bac Ha (Lao Cai Province) to Hoang Xu Phi (Ha Giang Province). This route is fairly off-the-beaten path by far; hence, the landscapes and the local culture are untouched, the overnight stays are at local ethnic houses which are in very poor conditions.

Mountains at Xin Man, Ha GiangMountains at Xin Man, Ha Giang


Hoang Su Phi Market
Hoang Su Phi Sunday Market

For those who decide to travel by motorbike from Bac Ha to Ha Giang, the road offers spectacular mountainous landscapes with stunning rice terraces. Some parts of this road may not be that good in the rainy season, it is necessary to have an overnight stay at Xin Man or Hoang Xu Phi, then the next day to Ha Giang City.

Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province
Quan Ba District offers great trekking adventures and breathtaking motorbike rides. There are some villages offering homestay with local ethnic families.


 Yen Minh - Ha Giang
Passing through Quan Ba, you'll be in Yen Minh where the landscapes get more and more sublime...


Nho Que River, Ha Giang, Vietnam
From Yen Minh Town, you'll travel along the Nho Que River northward to Dong Van. For over ten kilometers, the road travels through mountain gorges echoed with music of the winds.


Dong Van Rock Plateau, Ha Giang
Then all of a sudden, the world around turns into grey and black colors, that means you are in the rock world of Dong Van, listed on Global Geo Parks by the UNESCO.


Ploughing on rocks in Dong Van
At Dong Van, the Mong ethnic minority do their agriculture on rocky mountain slopes...


Dong Van Rock Plateau, Ha Giang
Dong Van Rock Plateau offers great adventures and great experiences. Here, you can spend the whole month trekking, staying with the local hill tribes, ride your motorbike...or just wander around to get lost in the endless world of just rocks.


Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang

Just outside of Dong Van Town, there's the Pass of Ma Pi Leng where you'll be dumbfounded by the unreal scenes of nature...

If you plan a trip to Ha Giang, keep it in mind that it's still a secret, and it's for the adventure seekers only...