Ha Giang Vietnam

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  • Ha Giang Province is located to the far-north of Vietnam. The capital of the province is Ha Giang City, 320km north of Hanoi. Ha Giang has mountainous terrains and is ideal for the travellers who seek thrilling adventure travel experiences.

  • Ha Giang is a far-flung region in the North of Vietnam. The region is famed for captivating rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi, fable-like limestone mountains of the Dong Van Plateau. A trip to Ha Giang is certainly an adventure into a different world.

  • Ha Giang is the northern-most province of Vietnam. The capital city of the province is Ha Giang City, 312km north of Hanoi. Ha Giang is famous with Dong Van Karst Plateau (Dong Van Rock Plateau) which is 150km north of Ha Giang City and which has been inscribed to the Global Geo-parks by the UNESCO. Dong Van also is famous with the Sunday ethnic market and the Old Quarter.

  • Ha Giang is the northern most area of Vietnam. The provincial capital of Ha Giang is Ha Giang City, 300km north of Hanoi. Ha Giang was the last territory of Vietnam open to tourism as it had been closed to foreign visitors for security reasons.

  • Ha Giang is getting to be a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam. Located to the extreme north of Vietnam with harsh weather conditions and badly stricken by the Chinese invasion in 1979-1989. Ha Giang was the last area in Vietnam to have peace back after the invasion by China, the land had been closed to tourism until the late 1990s.