Travelers To Be Permitted Bringing Motorbike or Car into Vietnam

By Thu Huong.

Vietnam Ministry of Transport has completed the draft Decree for the Administration of Vehicles brought into Vietnam by foreign visitors on tourism purposes. According to the draft, foreign travelers to Vietnam could bring foreign vehicles into Vietnam on tourism purposes for a period not exceeding 30 days. In the case of extension, then the extended period shall not exceed 10 days. The Draft Decree allows cars of 9-Seater or smaller size with steering wheel to the left, and motorbikes only. The travelers are to travel in Vietnam in group with travel itinerary arranged by Vietnamese travel agents or Vietnam-based tour operators.

 The temporarily imported vehicles must have all necessary papers including: certification for technical safety, registration license, customs permit for temporary import, valid civil liability insurance for Vietnam. The foreign travelers bringing vehicles into Vietnam must have the required driver license.

When taking part in the traffic in Vietnam, the foreign travelers must follow the Vietnamese traffic regulations, must have with them all the above papers, must have guiding vehicle from the Vietnam travel agents, travel companies, Vietnam tour operators, tour companies. They are to follow the travel itinerary that is permitted by the authority.

To apply for the permit, the travel agents, travel companies, tour operators, tour companies are to prepare and apply the required papers which are the list of travelers in the group who drive the vehicles, accompanied travelers, types of vehicles, colors of vehicles, chassis numbers, engine numbers, registration number. The Ministry of Transport is to receive the papers, process the dossiers and grant the permit within 5 working days should all requirements are met.