Nghe An Vietnam Recognized as a Global Biosphere Reserve

by Tieu Quy

The area of 1.3million hectares including two nature reserves (Pu Hoat and Pu Huong) and one national park (Pu Mat) to the west of Nghe An Province of Vietnam (in the districts of Con Cuong, Anh Son, Tuong Duong, Que Phong, Quy Chau, Quy Hop, Thanh Chuong and Tan Ky) was listed as a Global Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO on 29th, April 2011. The Global Biosphere Reserve is located in the temperate and tropical climatic zone. Because of the high mountains of the Truong Son Range that influences the circulation of the air, there are big different climatic zones formed in the area.

The Global Biosphere Reserve of Nghe An Province has high biodiversity which is the representative of most types of rain forests in the north of the Truong Son Mountain Range of Vietnam: Tropical rain forest, limestone and karst forest, lowland forest, forest on slopes and lower alpine forest, bamboo forest and various secondary forest formations, agriculture and agro-forestry ecosystem.

This is the only area of northern Vietnam and north of the Central Region of Vietnam where primeval forest is untouched. The total area forested of the Global Biosphere Reserve of Nghe An is 80% including many high mountain peaks such as Pu Xai Lai Leng, Pu Den Dinh, Pu Mat...which are best for conducting researches on climate change.

The Global Biosphere Reserve of Nghe An Province has some 2,500 species of flora and fauna including: 2,000 floral species, 130 fauna species, 295 bird species, 54 amphibian species and reptiles, 83 fish species and 39 bat species...of those 70 floral species and 80 fauna species have been listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Besides, the Global Biosphere Reserve has high cultural diversity from the various local ethnic groups like: the Thai, the Kinh, Tho Mong, Kho Mu, Dan Lai, O Du...This is the 6th of eight biosphere reserves of Vietnam listed as Global Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.