Bai Tu Long Bay: Holiday Far From The Crowd Part 2

It was mid day and every seemed having siesta. There was only the sound of the sea waves.


Bai Tu Long Bay
The boats were having rest after a busy night...


Bai Tu Long Bay
There was a tuk-tuk hurrying to the pier to pick up passengers.


Bai Tu Long Bay
I travelled back to Quan Lan Beach, at the southern tip of the Island. It was breezy and the beache was empty. The sea was retreating at low tide.


Bai Tu Long Bay
All looked so calm in late afternoon...


It was almost dark when I strolled back to the hotel, there was only a lighting streak in the sky...



The night went by so quiet, the next morning was an early rise. The sky was so cloudy outside.



I looked at the watch, it as 0515 A.M and there was enough time to have a leisurely walk to the pier.



The sea looked so calm, and the boats were having peaceful moments...


Light reflection made the scene so amazing.



And finally the rain came all over the sea.


It poured down for 30 minutes and the sun started shining again. Little boats were setting out again for a new catch.


At 0900 A.M, Bai Tu Long Bay looked just so pristine.


And the boat got closer the islands before arriving back at Hon Gai Town.