Hoa Binh Vietnam

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  • Hoa Binh Province belongs to the North-West of Vietnam. The capital city of the province is Hoa Binh Town, 74 km from Hanoi.

  • Hoa Binh Province is home to the last stretches of mountains and forests in the Northwest before they reach the Red River Delta. The land is home to a profusion of ethnic groups like the Muong, Thai, Hmong, Dao, Kinh,… The provincial capital is Hoa Binh City, 76km southwest of Hanoi. Below you can find the available means of transportation between Hanoi and Hoa Binh City.

  • Hoa Binh is in the Northwest of Vietnam, 76km southwest of Hanoi. Hoa Binh is home to the Muong and Thai ethnic groups whose cultures and villages are the draw cards of local tourism. Below is a list of what to see and things to do in Hoa Binh for the visitors: