Cao Bang Vietnam

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  • Cao Bang Province has a tropical monsoon climate: summer from April through July, autumn from late August through October, winter from November through February, spring from February through March. From June through October, Cao Bang may be affected by tropical depressions or typhoons, but thanks to its special location that the effects of tropical depressions or typhoons, if any, are very limited.

  • Cao Bang is famed for scenic natural landscape with waterfall and sublime mountains. Cao Bang was the site of famous battles during the war against the French colonialists. The province is situated in the Northeast of Vietnam. The provincial capital city is Cao Bang City, 280km northeast of Hanoi. Route 3 from Hanoi to Cao Bang is in great conditions. Alternatively, you can travel past Lang Son City then follow the historical Route 4C to Cao Bang, the total length of this route is 300km.

  • Cao Bang is in the Northeast of Vietnam, the provincial capital city and namesake is 280km from Hanoi. Cao Bang is off the tourist track by far, probably due to high transfer costs. But those who love pristine nature may find a trip of dream in Cao Bang. Let’s find out the major highlights of what to see and things to do in Cao Bang:

  • It was autumn in northern Vietnam and for a few days recently it had been wet. The northeasterly monsoon blew again making daily temperatures much lower in Hanoi. In the mountains, it must have been chilly and cold now. Work had been busy and I was desperate for a short break. It was no fun traveling in so wet weather anyway.