Vietnam Train Tickets for Air-conditioned Carriages to Increase

By Tieu Quy.

Vietnam Railways Corporation is to increase train tickets for air-conditioned carriages by 7% during the period the period from 25-May-2011 to 15-August-2011. Tickets for carriages without air-conditioning remain unchanged. After 15-August-2011, all train tickets will be the same to that before 25-May-2011. During this period, passengers from 65 years of age and older are to enjoy 20% discount instead of 10% as the current one.


Aircon Soft Sleepers Vietnam Train
Aircon Soft Sleepers on a Vietnam Reunification Express Train for Hanoi - Saigon


Earlier, on 8-April, train tickets had increased 5% for seats and sleepers in carriages without air-conditioning and 10-18% for those in air-conditioned carriages. Besides, transport fees for goods and commodities by rail in Vietnam are to increase 15% from 3-June-2011.