Bach Ma National Park Closed To Expand Road

By Tieu Quy.

News from the authority of Bach Ma National Park is that the Park is closed to tourism till the end of 2011 for expanding the road to the top of the National Park. The current road of 3.5m wide is to be expanded to 5-7m wide. The first phase of the project is done in 2011 and the second is to be finished in 2013.

The forest of Bach Ma was first discovered by a French Engineer M. Girard in 1932 and then built into a hill station by the French colonialists. In 1986, the specially protected forest of Hai Van - Bach Ma was demarcated and the National Park of Bach Ma was established in 1991. At first, the zone of the national park was 22,031ha and later expanded to cover 37,487ha. The National Park of Bach Ma is home to 1,493 fauna species and 2,147 floral species. Bach Ma National Park belong to Thua Thien - Hue Province, in the Central Region of Vietnam. Bach Ma National Park is 50km south of Hue, just north of Hai Van Pass.