Things to do in Ha Giang Vietnam

Ha Giang is getting to be a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam. Located to the extreme north of Vietnam with harsh weather conditions and longest land in Vietnam badly stricken by the invasion war by China, the land had been closed to tourism until the late 1990s.

 Ha Giang has been popular among young Vietnamese adventure travelers for the last few years, yet not much known among foreign visitors to Vietnam. Amazingly this is the area that you get the most beautiful mountains in the country as claimed by most young Vietnamese travelers. The natural landscape of Ha Giang, especially of Dong Van Plateau, is more similar to those we counter in a fairy tale; it bears an unreal look!

So, you might be wondering what is it all about Ha Giang, what to see and things to do in this amazing land then. Below you can find a list of things that make Ha Giang great:
- Visiting ethnic villages and experiencing ethnic cultures: Ha Giang is home to a plethora of ethnic groups whose cultures are untouched. Visiting their villages and learning about their cultures make your adventure to Ha Giang a memorable experience.
- Staying with local ethnic families: There are several ethnic villages that homestays to visitors are available. The conditions are poor still but this is a really engaging experience.
- Visiting ethnic markets: Get yourself lost amid a weekend market in the mountains of Ha Giang, you’ll get once in a lifetime experience! You’ll be overwhelmed by the colors, dazzled by the food smells, charmed by the ethnic costumes… you name it!
- Trekking: There are myriads of trekking routes which lead to amazing corners of Ha Giang that makes you see what others don’t. The most popular treks are found in Hoang Su Phi, Vi Xuyen District and Dong Van Plateau.
- Mountain-biking: You’ll get an adventure of a lifetime mountain-biking in Dong Van Plateau. You’ll get splendid mountains and you’ll have totally unexpected encounters with locals. Still, this is dangerous that good experience and good preparations are required for each participants and each trip.
- Motorcycling: This is a really thrilling experience that you ride a motorcycle or a scooter making your way amid splendid nature. Again, this is an adventure for the experienced riders only. Blind curves, small roads and trails, deep ravines are not to be taken lightly.
- Photography: Do not ever forget a good camera with good lens and with cards having lots of memory available on your trip to Ha Giang; else, be prepared to be sorry after your trip!

How to get there: Paradissa is a local tour operator in Vietnam offering different car adventure tours to Ha Giang from Hanoi for 4-6 days.