Things to do in Cao Bang Vietnam

Cao Bang is in the Northeast of Vietnam, the provincial capital city and namesake is 280km from Hanoi. Cao Bang is off the tourist track by far, probably due to high transfer costs. But those who love pristine nature may find a trip of dream in Cao Bang. Let’s find out the major highlights of what to see and things to do in Cao Bang:

 - Trekking: Cao Bang is one of the few last places in Vietnam which are not crowded by trekkers. There is no doubt that it’s beautiful, but that the lack of cheap transport to this area makes it less visited. You can trek for 1 to 6 days in Cao Bang. Accommodations on the treks are homestay at local ethnic families.Amazing mountains at Dong Khe, Cao Bang, Vietnam

- Homestay: Hotels and guesthouses are available in Cao Bang City and most towns in the province. Alternatively you can choose to stay with local ethnic families in certain villages for much cheaper costs.

- Cycling: Cao Bang in Vietnamese means “High Plain”. Yes, it is high on altitude but it’s mostly flat except for the areas connecting the province with the low lands that have steep inclines. Cycling in Cao Bang is like you weave your way amid high mountain peaks on mostly flat roads. Be ware the landscape is spectacular!

- Motorcycling: It’s a fun-filled adventure and it is cheap to travel by motorbike or scooter to Cao Bang. Besides, you can explore less seen corners of the land. But a motorbike adventure to Cao Bang is not for everyone. The mountainous roads from the lowlands to Cao Bang require good riding experience and good care!

- Visiting historical sites and former battlefields: Cao Bang was a major French outpost in the Northeast of Vietnam during the Franco-Viet Minh War. Cao Bang was where Vietnam People’s Army was founded. There were a lot of events which took place in Cao Bang that are appealing to history researchers and war veterans.

- Visiting beautiful natural landscapes: the Ban Gioc Waterfall and the Nguom Ngao Cave are a few of what you’ll expect of this amazing land.

How to go trekking in Cao Bang: Paradissa, a Vietnam based tour operator, offers trekking tours in Cao Bang for 3-6 days from Hanoi.