Son La Weather, Best Time to Visit

Son La Province has a tropical monsoon climate: summer from April through September, winter from October through March. In the summer, Son La is strongly affected by the foehn wind which causes dry air and hot temperatures.

From June through October, Son La may be affected by tropical depressions or typhoons which often cause torrential rains, flash floods and landslides. The annual rainfall is 1,200-1,600mm.

Thai villages in Son La Province
Thai villages in Son La Province

Son La weather by month
- January: sun mostly, some clouds, and isolated rains, 9-28oC.
- February:
- March:
- April:
- May: sun mostly, clouds, t-storms, 22-36oC.
- June: sun, some torrential rains, 21-31oC.
- July: sun, clouds, rains, 22-32oC.
- August: sun, clouds, torrential rains, 22-33oC.
- September: sun, clouds, rains, 20-34oC.
- October: sun, clouds, rains, 19-33oC.
- November: sun, clouds, rains, 17-30oC.
- December: sun, clouds, some light rains, 1-23oC.

The best time for nice weather to visit Son La
The best time for nice weather to travel to Son La is during the dry time from December through April. During this time, the air is dry and suitable for all adventure activities: mountain biking tours, trekking tours, motorcycle tours. In January-February, you’ll get forests of peach and plum blossoms. In March, you’ll get camel-foot flowers with amazing fragrance.