Lao Cai Weather, Best Time to Visit

Lao Cai Province has a tropical monsoon climate: rainy season from May through October, dry season from November through April. The temperatures are high in the summer months from May through August, the hottest months are May, June, July and August. The temperatures are cold during the winter months from November through March, the coldest time is from December through February.

 Lao Cai often suffer from heat strikes in the low-altitude areas in the summer and frosts, ice or snow in high-altitudes areas in the winter. There is often fog in Lao Cai in the winter months.Sublime nature at Ky Quan San Mountain (Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain), Lao Cai, Vietnam

There are big difference in temperatures during day and night time in Lao Cai which is attributed to its location in the mountains. There are big differences in temperatures among regions in Lao Cai, too. The areas with high altitudes (Bat Xat, Sapa, Muong Khuong, Bac Ha) have distinct weather patterns compared to lower-terrain areas like Lao Cai City and Van Ban District.

The terrain of Lao Cai includes high mountains to the northwest and west, all of which run northwest-southeast and this makes it rain more in the province when affected by the Northeasterly Monsoon (in the winter), Southeasterly Monsoon (in the summer) and tropical storms. In the winter the cold temperatures tend to remain here longer than other regions in the North of Vietnam. The annual rainfall in Lao Cai is 1,800-2,000mm. The months with most rainfall are June, July and August which may pose threats of flash floods and landslides.

Lao Cai weather by month
- January: sun, clouds, some isolated rains in Lao Cai, 16-26oC
- February:
- March:
- April:
- May: sun mostly, clouds, rains, t-storms, possible heat strikes, 21-39oC.
- June: some sun, clouds, some scattered rains, 22-40oC.
- July: sun, clouds, rains, possible flash floods, 26-36oC.
- August: sun, clouds, rains, 25-35oC.
- September: sun, clouds, rains, 18-34oC.
- October: sun, clouds, rains, 19-32oC.
- November: sun, clouds, isolated rains, 15-28oC.
- December: sun, clouds, some isolated light rains, 5-26oC.

The best time for nice weather to visit Lao Cai
The best time for nice weather to travel to Lao Cai is during the dry time from December through April. During this time, the air is dry and suitable for all adventure tours: mountain biking tours, trekking tours, motorcycle tours. Be sure to bring lots of warm clothes in December and January though as the temperatures are very low. Also many Vietnam tourists travel to Sapa and Lao Cai during this time expecting some snow on their trips.

March and April are the months with most favorable weather: dry air and pleasant temperatures. But some tourist destinations in Lao Cai (Sapa) may lack water during this time.

Many photographers would like to travel to Lao Cai in late September and early October to get amazing photos of yellow rice terraces. But this is the rainy season and it may be quite wet.