Dien Bien Weather, Best Time to Visit Dien Bien Phu

Dien Bien Province has a tropical monsoon climate: rainy season from May through September, dry season from October through April.

 The location of Dien Bien is deep inland in the Northwest of Vietnam. The geographical location along with the high mountains to the north and west of Dien Bien, and the mountain range of Hoang Lien and Moc Chau Plateau to the east of Dien Bien helps to shape up the climate in Dien Bien Province. There are big differences between temperatures in day time and night time.

There are three monsoons which help to make up the climate in Dien Bien: the humid and pleasant Southeasterly Monsoon, the cold and dry Northeasterly Monsoon, and the hot and dry Southwesterly Monsoon (foehn wind). In the summer the Southeasterly Monsoon and Southwesterly Monsoon alternately influence the climate in Dien Bien. The former causes rain and pleasant temperatures and the latter makes the air extremely dry and hot.

The foehn wind from April to August causes dry air and hot temperatures. From June to October, Dien Bien may be affected by tropical depressions or typhoons which may cause landslide and flash floods with devastating effects. The annual rainfall in Dien Bien ranges from 1,300mm to 2,000mm.

The winter in Dien Bien is characterized by dry and sunny days and low temperatures. This is the best time to visit the region especially for those who go on adventure tours like hiking and cycling. Due to the high mountains to the west which lessen the effects of the cold Northeasterly Monsoon in the winter that the temperatures in Dien Bien is higher compared to the other affected regions. The lowest temperatures are found from late November through early February. The temperatures get pleasant in March and it is with sunny days mostly which makes it another great time to visit Dien Bien and Dien Bien Phu.

The foehn wind starts having its strong effects from April which make the temperatures high and the real feel temperatures hot. The sun is strong during this time, especially from April through July. The temperatures start getting more tolerable from late August and pleasant from September.

 The Muong Thanh Valley
The Muong Thanh Valley (Dien Bien Phu Valley)

Dien Bien’s weather by month
- January: sun, clouds, some possible isolated light rain, 13-28oC
- February: sun, clouds, 9-25oC
- March: some sun, mostly clouds, some fogs, light rain, many wet days, 18-34oC
- April: sun, clouds, light rain, 23-34oC
- May: sun mostly, clouds, 20-41oC.
- June: sun, some possible heat strikes, rain, 21-37oC.
- July: sun, some possible heat strikes, some rain, possible typhoons, 22-37oC.
- August: sun, clouds, rain, possible typhoons, 26-37oC.
- September: sun, clouds, rain, possible typhoons, 14-34oC.
- October: sun, clouds, some rain, 13-33oC.
- November: sun, clouds, isolated rain, 13-30oC.
- December: sun, clouds, some light rain, 1-30oC.

The best time for nice weather to visit Dien Bien
The best time for nice weather to travel to Dien Bien Phu is either in February through March or October to the first half of November. The temperatures are often pleasant during this time and it is dry which is great for outdoor activities and adventures.

From late November through January it is cold and dry and also good for trekking and mountain climbing. There are peach and plum blossoms in January-February and Camel Foot Flowers in March for those interested in flowers.