Cold Weather in Northern Vietnam in 2018-2019

The new spell of northerly cold winds in northern Vietnam starting on the night of 27December2018 in the mountains and 28Dec2018 in the lowlands has been causing extreme cold to the north of Vietnam and torrential rains in the Central Region of Vietnam. Records show -0.5oC at Mau Son Mountain (Lang Son) on 30December2018, there has been snow and frost at Mau Son on 31December2018.

 There have been torrential rains in the Central Region of Vietnam from Ha Tinh to Khanh Hoa causing landslides and high water levels in all the rivers in the region.

01Jan2019 A tropical depression had passed through the Philippines and entered the East of Vietnam Sea, south of Truong Sa Islands. The projected path in the next 24 hours is wsw. With the strengthening norherly monsoon combined with the tropical depression, the sea area from Quang Ngai to Binh Thuan is forecast to have strong winds of grade 7 and rough sea.

North of Vietnam has enjoyed a dry and cold New Year celebration (9-13oC in the Northeast, 9-21oC in the Northwest, 12-14oC in the lowlands). Sapa has been wet without snow, the temperatures 2-8oC.

North of the Central Region has been cloudy and dry, the temperatures were 12-16oC.

The Central Coast has been in heavy rains as a result of the meeting of the cold northerly winds and the easterly winds on high altitude. The temperatures were 14-24oC.

South Vietnam has been in lovely weather, sunny and temperatures from 23-28oC.

02-03January2019 The tropical depression has strengthened to be a tropical storm (Typhoon Pabuk, Storm No. 1 in Vietnam in 2019). Heavy rains are found from Ha Tinh to Binh Thuan as the northerly winds meet with the easterly winds. Rains in South Vietnam as impact of the coming typhoon. North Vietnam enjoys sunny and cold weather.

04January2019 gloomy weather with light drizzles in North Vietnam, sunny weather in eastern south of Vietnam, heavy rains in the Mekong Delta (western south Vietnam).

 05January2019 warm weather has returned to northern Vietnam with most regions having temperatures above 12oC. Except for light rains in some regions in the Central Coast of Vietnam, the whole country enjoys warm sunshine. This is the latest news of the spell of cold at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 in Vietnam.