Motorbike Tour from Hanoi to Tram Tau in Yen Bai

It had been lovely weather in Hanoi for some time, but I could feel the temperatures tended to get warmer day by day. It was coming towards the end of a wonderful spring anyway. News of early rains in the mountains reminded me that I had better hurry, else the most wonderful moments of the year were passing!

Myanmar Adventure Holiday

Myanmar with its shiny Buddhist monuments, untouched culture and undiscovered natural landscapes is the dream destination for the adventure travellers.

Dong Cao - Vietnam Ephemeral Beauty

Dong Cao is the name of a Dzao Village in Bac Giang Province, northern Vietnam. Dong Cao is also the name of a mountain near the village with breathtaking beauty. The area is recently getting known to the young Vietnamese travelers and photographers for its little prairie and the heavenly beauty that is similar to no other travel attractions in Vietnam...

Ninh Binh - Unreal Beauty for Family Holidays

Vietnam is getting more known as a popular tourist destination nowadays; travel to Vietnam is safe and fairly easy for the independent travelers as well as for those in group travel. For those who make their Vietnam holidays with a big family or with kids, then it is necessary to have good trip planning before departure...

Ha Giang - Land of Adventures

Ha Giang Province is located to the far-north of Vietnam. The capital of the province is Ha Giang City, 320km north of Hanoi. Ha Giang has mountainous terrains and is ideal for the travellers who seek thrilling adventure travel experiences.

Cruise on Halong Bay: Lost in Paradise

Halong Bay is located in Vietnam's Gulf of Tonkin, 165km north-east of Hanoi. The bay is endowed with over 3,000 limestones islands jutting out of the emerald sea water. Every day, luxurious junk-styled wooden boats ply the heavenly beauty carrying tourists to visit different islands with breathtaking caves inside.

Travel The North West of Vietnam by Motorbike

The North-West of Vietnam with wild mountain peaks, with colorful hill tribes, with stunning rice terraces, with challenging roads offers great adventures by motorcycle to the thrill-seeking travellers.

The Best Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is endowed with over three thousand kilometers of coastline with numerous fine white sand beaches. Amazingly, most Vietnamese tourists and foreign travellers tend to spend their holidays at some popular spots only; while the majority of beaches in Vietnam including those with great luxury resorts and fresh seafood of dirt-cheap prices are left just empty.

Photography of Vietnam Rice Terraces

Autumn in northern Vietnam arrives with brisk morning, gentle breezes all day and refreshingly chilly afternoon and evening. Sunlight is just pleasantly warm enough to make the yellowish color of the landscape more memorable. Autumn is when you want to lie in bed forever awakening to each fresh morning…