New Spell of Cold Winds in North Vietnam 09January2019

09January2019 A new spell of strengthening northeasterly monsoon starts having impact on the North of Vietnam causing rain throughout the region. Heavy rains are expected in the Northwest of Vietnam due to the meeting of the cold monsoon and the westerly winds on high altitudes.

The cold monsoon is weak and the temperatures just drop slightly in the North: 12-15 in the Northeast, 14-17oC in the Northwest, 13-19 in Hanoi and the lowlands. 

Rains in the North of the Central Region (14-21oC).

Light rains in in the Central Coast (19-28oC).

Sunny and warm in the Central Highlands (16-30oC).

Sunny and warm in the South of Vietnam (24-33oC).

10January2019 The strengthening monsoon causes light rains all over the North of Vietnam. The temperatures are 12-22oC in the Northeast,  16-26 in the Northwest, 15-20oC in the lowlands. It is cloudy and hazy on Halong Bay, wet and misty in Hanoi and Ninh Binh, cold and wet in Sapa.

North of the Central Region of Vietnam has cloudy day with temperatures 18-22oC.

Central Coast of Vietnam has a cloudy & sunny day with temperatures 19-29oC.

The Central Highlands of Vietnam has lovely sunny day with temperatures mostly 16-29oC, 14-22oC in Da Lat.

South of Vietnam has a warm day: 23-33oC.

11January2019 The North of Vietnam still in the impact of the meeting between the northeasterly monsoon and the westerly winds on high altitude which causes light drizzle, damp air, and fog in the region. The Northwest is drier than the Northeast and the lowlands. The temperatures are 12-19oC in the Northeast, 18-27oC in the Northwest, 16-22oC in the lowlands. It's cloudy and foggy in Halong Bay and Ninh Binh, extremely moist air in Hanoi.

North of the Central Region is mostly cloudy, the temperatures are 19-22oC.

The Central Coast has some light rains in some area and sunshine in the others. The temperatures are 19-27oC, 23-29oC in the South of the Central Coast (Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan).

The Central Highlands enjoy sunny weather, 17-30oC in most of the region and 14-23oC in Da Lat.

The South of Vietnam enjoys sunny and warm a day 24-33oC.

12January2019 The northeasterly monsoon weakens and the southeasterly winds seems to be stronger in the North of Vietnam. It starts getting warmer. It is still moist air and foggy in the morning but it starts clearing up in the afternoon with high humidity still but drier air. Northeast has temperatures between 14-20oC, with cloudy skies and without rains. The Northwest has cloudy and sunny skies, temperatures 18-28oC. The lowlands has a foggy morning, cloudy and sunny later in the day, the temperatures are 19-24oC.

North of the Central Region has a cloudy and sunny day, 19-25oC.

The Central Coast has mostly sunny a day, 19-29oC.

The Central Highlands has bright sunshine, 16-29oC; Da Lat has a sunny day 12-22oC.

South of Vietnam has a sunny, 24-33oC.

This is the last new of the spell of cold winds in northern Vietnam starting from 9January2019.