Quang Ninh Vietnam

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  • All cruises on Bai Tu Long Bay follow pretty fixed itineraries which are permitted by the authority. The cruises start from Hon Gai Harbor.

  • Bai Tu Long Bay is located to the North-East of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Bai Tu Long is not as sublime as Halong Bay, it is not visited by most foreign visitors to the country.

  • It was mid day and every seemed having siesta. There was only the sound of the sea waves.

  • Bebinca, the second tropical storm in Vietnam in 2013, is expected to arrive on 23June2013. From 22June2013, junks and boats are suspended from cruising on Halong Bay, the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

  • Halong Bay is located in Vietnam's Gulf of Tonkin, 165km north-east of Hanoi. The bay is endowed with over 3,000 limestones islands jutting out of the emerald sea water. Every day, luxurious junk-styled wooden boats ply the heavenly beauty carrying tourists to visit different islands with breathtaking caves inside.

  • By Tieu Quy.

    Halong Bay Vietnam was named among the Provisional Seven Wonders of Nature after the first count of vote results on 11/11/11.The bay stretches in an area of 1553 square kilometers in the north-east of Vietnam, 165km from Hanoi. Halong Bay includes 1,969 rocky islands and islets jutting out of the emerald water of the East Vietnam Sea.

  • Littered on the emerald water of Halong Bay in the gulf of Tonkin of Vietnam, the 3,000 islands and islets were believed to be dragons sent down from Heaven to help the Vietnamese protecting their country from foreign invasions. In fact, there were many fierce battles in the ancient times and recent times on the bay that helped to bring victory to Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.

  • Halong Bay offers some 3,000 green limestone islands jutting out of the emerald sea waters of the East Vietnam Sea. Halong has long been among the must-sees on a trip to Vietnam. The bay has been inscribed to the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Visiting Halong Bay, you can either go onto a day-cruise boat and stay at the many luxurious hotels in Halong City or Tuan Chau Island or you can go on luxury boat cruises for 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 nights with overnight on board the junk. Halong Bay is 150km east of Hanoi and traveling from Hanoi to Halong Bay is convenient.

  • Quang Ninh Province has a tropical monsoon climate: summer from May through July, autumn from late August through October, winter from November through February, spring from February through April. From June through October or sometimes November, Quang Ninh may be affected by tropical depressions or typhoons.

  • Quang Ninh is in the Northeast of Vietnam, the provincial capital is Halong City, 170km from Hanoi. Quang Ninh is a rich province in Vietnam: having a border with China busy with trade, rich in mineral resources (coal,…), big industrial zones and sea ports (in Halong City), amazing tourist attractions… Below you can find a comprehensive list of what to see and things to do in Quang Ninh Vietnam.

  • Halong Bay is certainly the most famed tourist attraction in Vietnam and among the top must-sees of for all foreign visitors to the country. With the newly completed Van Don Airport, traveling to Halong Bay from within Vietnam and from overseas destinations is getting more and more convenient. Van Don Airport is 60km from Halong Bay and the road trip takes less than 1 hour; Hanoi is 3 hours from Halong Bay via the Expressway.

  • Van Don Airport in Halong Bay starts coming into operation from 30December 2018. This is the first privately owned airport in Vietnam. The airport is planned for Vietnam domestic flights and international flights which faciliate travel to Halong Bay, a world-famed tourist attraction in Vietnam.