Halong Bay Cruises

All cruises on Halong Bay follow pretty fixed itineraries which are permitted by the authority. This is to ensure safety to the travelers visiting the bay. The rule also applies to the sites that the cruise boats have to anchor for the night.

 Choosing a better cruise on Halong Bay basically means better cruise boats, junks, the service on board and food on board. Below is a list of boats with luxury cruises on Halong Bay.

Valentine Premium Cruise Halong Bay


Valentine Cruise Halong Bay


Indochina Sails Halong Bay


Bhaya Premium Cruises Halong Bay 


Bhaya Legend Cruise Halong Bay


Golden Cruise Halong Bay



Golden Cruise 9 on Halong Bay



Pelican Cruise Halong Bay



Syrena Cruises Halong Bay