Kon Tum Vietnam

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  • Kon Tum is 300km southwest of Da Nang depending on the routes. The Kom Tum Plateau is located to the north of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The road from Da Nang to Kon Tum offers landscape of rolling hills all the way. The convenient ways to travel from Da Nang to Kon Tum are as follows:

  • Kon Tum has a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons per year: dry season from December through April, rainy season from May through November.

  • Kon Tum is a province to the north of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Kon Tum by far is off-the-beaten track due to not convenient transport and lack of tourist infrastructure. As many other travel destinations in Vietnam are getting too crowded, quite a few adventurous travelers just love straying into quiet regions, Kon Tum is one of them. Below is a list of what to see and things to do in Kon Tum.